The contention of climate change affects all the countries

This is the conclusion of the mitigation report of the Intergovernmental panel of Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific organization promoted by the United Nations. Its president Rajendra Pachauri has claimed that the mitigation high speed train must leave the station soon and that the whole global community must be with him.

This report, together with some others recently published, tries to establish the scientific basis with regard to the climate summit of Paris in 2015, in which they should find a substitute for theKyoto Protocol. The report highlights that only a major institutional and technological change will provide a good opportunity so that global warming does not exceed two degree centigrade, a limit suggested by experts from which consequences would be very serious.

The good news is that this transformation, expensive and complex as it is, is technically possible, in the absence of the proper political will. The report written by 235 experts during four years makes up the third chapter of the fifth assessment report, an exhaustive document that has been prepared for the climate summits of Lima in 2014 and especially for the one ofParis in 2015.In January, the first working group published the scientific evidences about climate change and in March the second group analyzed its impact, its vulnerability and its adaptation possibilities.

Translation adapted from the Spanish text, Juan Palop Berlin 14th April / EFE

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Throwing Away EnergyAcrc Plasmajpg

Gasification can convert materials normally considered waste into energy and valuable products. In the world alone thousands of tons of a potential source of energy are collected and thrown away each week. Most of the waste that we discard from our homes and businesses every day – such as non-recyclable plastics, construction debris, used tires, household trash, and sewage – contains energy. Gasification can convert the energy in all of this waste into electric power, substitute natural gas, chemicals, transportation fuels, and fertilizers.


Gasification is Not Incineration

Gasification is not incineration. Incineration is the burning of fuels in an oxygen-rich environment, where the waste material combusts and produces heat and carbon dioxide, along with a variety of other pollutants. Gasification is the conversion of feedstocks into their simplest molecules – carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane forming a syngas which then can be used for generating electricity or producing valuable products

One of the most compelling challenges of the 21st Century is finding a way to meet national and global energy needs while minimizing the impact on the environment. Gasification can help meet those challenges:

  • Gasification is a time-tested, reliable, and flexible technology that converts carbon-containing materials, including waste and biomass, into electricity and other valuable products, such as chemicals, fuels, substitute natural gas, and fertilizers.
  • Gasification does not involve combustion (burning), but instead uses little or no oxygen or air in a closed reactor to convert carbon-based materials directly into a synthetic gas, or syngas. It is this intermediate product, syngas that makes gasification so unique and different from combustion.
  • The gasification process breaks these materials down to the molecular level, so impurities like nitrogen, sulfur, and mercury can be easily removed and sold as valuable industrial commodities.
  • Gasification can recover the energy locked in biomass and municipal solid waste, converting those materials into valuable products and eliminating the need for incineration or landfilling. Biomass can also be blended with coal as a feedstock for electricity generation to lower its carbon footprint.
  • Gasification has been reliably used on a commercial scale for more than 75 years in the refining, fertilizer, and chemical industries, and for more than 35 years in the electric power industry.
  • Gasification produces electricity with significantly reduced environmental impact compared to conventional technologies.
  • Gasification plants bring good jobs to a community – construction jobs needed to build a plant, and well-paying permanent jobs needed to run the plant. Compared to the old coal-burning plants, gasification can capture carbon dioxide much more efficiently and at a lower cost. This capture technology is being successfully used at gasification plants in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • World gasification capacity is projected to grow by more than 70% by 2015.  Most of that growth will occur in Asia, with China expected to achieve the most rapid growth
  • Gasification is an investment in our energy future.

PLANT GBPSome types of gasification use plasma technology, which generates intense heat to initiate and supplement the gasification reactions.   Plasma gasification or plasma-assisted gasification can be used to convert carbon-containing materials to synthesis gas that can be used to generate power and other useful products, such as transportation fuels. In an effort to reduce both the economic and environmental costs of managing municipal solid waste, (which includes construction and demolition wastes) a number of cities are working with plasma gasification companies to send their wastes to these facilities.

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Valentine Holdings Latinoamerica

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Valentine Holdings para el Mundo

Valentine Holdings una compañía internacional  dedicada a la administración y construcción de todo tipo de obras de ingeniería civil, con énfasis en Energia Limpia, con Tratamineto de Gasificacion de RU, Minería, Petróleo y lBiocombustibles.

Con seis frentes de trabajo específicos:







Construimos Plantas de generación de energía Limpide última  tecnologia, por Gasificacion  de Masa y  con cero emisiones de dióxido de carbono a la atmósfera, a un coste razonable.

Nos encargaremos del cuidado del medio ambiente implementando equipos de tecnología de punta  únicos en el país y pioneros en el mundo. Empresa que traerá desarrollo, empleo, tecnología y bienestar a nuestras regiones.

Valentine holdings una conjunto de empresas con gran calidad humana.

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